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A Review of Interfiliere New York – Sponsored by Invista’s LYCRA(R)


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by INVISTA/LYCRA.

Lycra Moves You Lycra Beauty Lingerie

A week ago, I had the pleasure of attending Interfiliere New York again. Though Interfliere has been in Shanghai and Paris for years, this is only Eurovet’s second year holding the event in NYC. In case you haven’t heard the name before, Interfiliere is the intimate apparel industry’s leading tradeshow for fabrics and materials sourcing. It’s run by the same company (Eurovet) that manages Curve New York and Las Vegas as well as The Salon International de la Lingerie (along with other lingerie tradeshows in Hong Kong and Moscow), and just like last year’s Interfiliere, this one’s was co-sponsored and co-hosted by Lycra.


For Eurovet, bringing a fabric and materials show to New York is the next logical step in the growth of their tradeshow platform. After all, many lingerie brands can’t make it to Paris or Shanghai for sourcing, and since New York is the center of the lingerie industry in the United States, it makes perfect sense to bring the show here to brands. While I was at Interfliere, I saw representatives from all the major US lingerie manufacturers, as well as a number of smaller labels. If anything, the fact that attendance more than doubled between last year’s show and this year’s gives clear indication that there’s a need for fabric mills to have a visible and stable presence stateside.


So where does Lycra fit in to all this? As a fiber manufacturer, Lycra partners with mills so their technology is used in the fabrics that eventually become our garments. As one of the most visible and popular fiber brands in the world, Lycra has the unique opportunity to touch and connect with every part of the manufacturing process – from the mills to the brands and finally to the consumers. Many people know to ask for Lycra by name because of the company’s reputation for innovation and quality.

Building on that, Lycra has recently unveiled a new brand strategy, titled “Lycra Moves You.” The Lycra Moves You campaign is all about highlighting the three key customer benefits of Lycra fiber: freedom, comfort, and movement. Under the Lycra name are four specific Lycra brands: Lycra Beauty (for shapewear and hosiery), Lycra Sport (for sports bras and other performance garments), Lycra Xtra Life (for swimwear), and Lycra Energize (for wellbeing and wellness).


For Lycra Brand, Interfiliere was the perfect platform to unveil the new brand strategy in front of both current and future partners, at every level of production and consumption. The “Lycra Moves You” campaign is all about re-establishing and re-asserting Lycra’s relevance in the marketplace and distinguishing it from other spandex fibers. The campaign also features some rather dynamic and compelling new ad imagery, as seen at the very top of this post and just below.

Lycra Moves You Shapewear

Lycra Moves YouLycra Moves You Lycra Xtra Life

Lycra Moves You Swim

lycra moves you

Interfiliere is also the place to get a first look at trends for next year, and all attendees viewed a presentation on what’s to come for the world of lingerie in Fall/Winter 2015-16. If you’re wanting a super early sneak preview, trends are broken into four main categories, as detailed below:

  • Wuthering Heights – featuring dark tones like wine and burgundy, gothic lace, crackle patterns, embossed effects, velvet, flocking, brushed surfaces, silk, lace encrustations, guipure lace, a moody, fairy-like, or haunted atmosphere, organic veined effects (such as those in leaves and flowers), a heavy, somber sense of romance, and pearls, dried leather, and bark.
  • Beatrix Potter – featuring frosty, holiday effects (such as those in The Nutcracker), a Dickensian and Carollian (as in Lewis Carroll or Alice in Wonderland) aesthetic, pastels, small scale prints, vintage corsetry, a sense of girlishness or tweeness, contrast trim, surface effects, a handmade/handcrafted look, cuddly textures, net edges on lace, and beige/grey accents
  • Bloomsbury – featuring bohemian luxury, painterly colors, cherry blossoms and other delicate flowers, vintage and retro effects, old Hollywood glamour, border lace in fine denier, Art Deco and 1920s inspiration, eccentricity, subtle textures, lighter and finer space fabrics, laser embroideries, precise floral design, and stretch satin with lace encrustation
  • David Hockney – featuring psychedelic effects, notes of creativity + optimism, colorful prints, graphic prints, pop art, Peggy Moffitt-inspired design, stripes, dots, abstract lines, contrast pipings and elastics, splashes of paint, digital prints, caftans, tunics, simple florals, and super lightweight embroideries
Sun Hing

As part of attending the event, I also had the chance to look at fabric mills that were using the Lycra fiber. As I mentioned last year, this part of the industry is wholly new to me, and it’s exciting to get added insights into what exactly goes on in lingerie manufacturing. I photographed some of my favorite fabric swatches below, but unfortunately there’s no way to really adequately convey something like softness or plushness in a photograph (or at least, I haven’t figured it out yet), so these images weigh heavily on the side of the visually compelling. But I hope you get a sense of what it was like to be there, and just maybe, something you see here will appear in your lingerie or swimwear next year!

Simplex Knitting Company – Based and made in the UK, known for striking prints

simplex knitting company 1

simplex knitting company 2

simplex knitting company 3

simplex knitting company 4

Maglificio Ripa – Based and made in Italy, known for high quality swimwear fabrics

maglificio ripa 2

maglificio ripa 1

maglificio ripa 3

Piave Maitex – Based and made in Italy, known for beautiful stretch fabrics

piave maitex 1

piave maitex 2

piave maitex 3

E. Boselli and C. Spa – Based and made in Italy, known for stretch wovens and jacquards

boselli 5

boselli 4

boselli 3

boselli 1

boselli 2

Macra Lace Company – Based and made in North Carolina, known for gorgeous, high-quality lace and fine gauge stretch mesh suitable for a range of sizes

macra lace 2

macra lace 3

macra lace 6macra lace 1

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  1. anon says:

    October 1, 2014 at 9:05 am

    I loved last year’s post from Interfiliere and I love this one too! I love the Simplex knits and the lace is DIVINE. (It’s interesting to know they are making lace in the US.) It’s fun to imagine my favorite silhouettes in new fabrics.


  2. Courtney Spahan

    Courtney Spahan says:

    October 1, 2014 at 12:42 pm

    the white/ cream feather from Macra lace is very pretty.
    As for lycra, thinking about it all of my sporty swimsuits have had a big sticker “made with lycra.” so its interesting that they advertise on top of the brand.


  3. Catherine says:

    October 2, 2014 at 4:28 am

    Woah, the fish one is simplex? I know it’s not remotely vintage but I love it 🙂


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