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Lingerie Review: Wonderform Plus Size Bra and Panty Sets


Disclosure: The products shown below were received as review samples. All opinions are my own.


When you’re plus size, you’re often forced to spend a lot of money on lingerie whether or not you want to. There are simply very few affordable options available in higher size ranges. If you do find something affordable you often have to sacrifice support, quality and design. Because of this struggle, I was excited to try out three different lingerie sets from Canadian-based retailer, Wonderform because they offer all bras starting at $19.50. A complete bra and panty set is only $28, about half of what I’m used to paying for a bra alone.

Founded in 1949, Wonderform has spent more than 60 years honing their design skills as a private label manufacturer. During that time, they developed a strong focus on everyday luxury at affordable prices. In September 2016, they launched “Wonderform Intimates,” which offers customers the chance to shop the brand directly. Wonderform Intimates contains three collections, each targeting a different lingerie style and mood: essentials, fashion and celebrations. I had the opportunity to try out a set from each collection.

Wonderform’s is fairly easy to navigate, but there’s no specific way to shop by size beyond the search feature. For panties, this is not a huge issue because all styles appear to be offered in the brand’s full size range of S-XXL. For bras, it’s more of a challenge because some styles go up to 42DDD while others only go up to a 38DD. Aside from searching or looking at each style, there’s no easy way to figure out which ones are carried in the full range.


The first style I tried out was the Flawless Lace Side Bra and The Flawless Lace Trim Thong in pink from the Essentials collection. At first glance, I was struck by how similar this bra looked to one of my everyday favorite bras, the Torrid push-up plunge bra, but when I put this bra on, I immediately felt the difference.

At a 42D, I am wearing the largest size offered in this bra (based on the band), but it felt like this bra wasn’t made for someone my size. The fabric itself felt thin to the touch and putting it on, I knew that it didn’t have the support to get me through the day.

The Flawless Lace Side Bra

The design itself appeared to be exactly the same design that is made for straight sizes. It seemed like there were no adjustments for the additional support needed for plus size bras. The cups were moulded which I really appreciated but the straps themselves were very thin and while I am not a huge fan of large support straps, these were just too thin to cut it for plus.

The back of The Flawless Lace Side Bra

This is also the first bra in my size that I’ve ever had with only two clasps. I’m used to bras with at least three and sometimes up to five or six so I just didn’t feel comfortable in this band.

For underwear, I tried the matching thong panties in a XXL, the largest size available, and they did not fit. They dug into my hips and came up well below my belly button. I am size 20 so depending on the size chart, a XXL can usually work for me. However, my hip measurement does exceed Wonderform’s size chart, and these panties didn’t have a ton of stretch. Since XXL is the largest size available, I was not able to go up to the next size.

The Exquisite Lace Bra & The Exquisite Lace Thong

From the Fashion Collection, I tried The Exquisite Lace Bra with both the matching lace thong and high-waist panties in black and beige. The thong fit similarly to The Flawless so I wasn’t able to wear it but the high-waist panties fit! Like the other panties, the high-waist panties still didn’t have a lot of stretch, but the cut itself worked better for my body shape.

The Exquisite Lace Bra & The Exquisite Lace High Waist Panty

The high waist panties feature a sheer front and ruched sheer back with lace paneling on the side. They came with detachable garters in the front and back. This is definitely a style that you don’t usually find for $12.50 in plus size so for the price, it’s a deal…but I would still love to see this style and all of the panties become available in 3X and up.

The Exquisite Lace Bra

Just from looking at this bra, I saw Wonderform’s signature everyday luxury aesthetic in action. This is certainly a style I’ve seen in plus but never in my price range. The beige and black lace flow together in this design impeccably.

At only $24.50, I wanted this bra to fit as sexy one as it looked on the hanger but unfortunately, the lift left something to be desired. The support of this bra felt similar to a bralette. And while it’s so great that this is one of the styles that’s available up to 42DDD, I just can’t see this working for someone two cup sizes larger than me.

The Unforgettable Embroidered Full Coverage Bra & The Unforgettable Embroidered Panty

The Wonderform Celebrations Collection is designed for those special romantic evenings and the designs itself did not disappoint. With stunning contrasting lace detailing, I was so excited to try out The Unforgettable Embroidered Lace Full Coverage Bra and The Unforgettable Embroidered Panty. With a low-rise cut, the XXL panties did not fit me but the bra was probably the best fit of any product I tried.

The Unforgettable Embroidered Full Coverage Bra

Not only did this bra have a luxurious look, but it also featured more supportive features such as mesh wings for extra support and three clasps in the back. As a result, this bra really looked and felt more like a bra I could feel comfortable wearing. And at $24.50, this offers the most winning combination of value and support of all three styles.

The Unforgettable Strappy Balconette Bra, Garter and Thong

As much as I love the Unforgettable full coverage bra, the strappy lace balconette version is definitely its more elevated, sexier version. I would love to see this style available in sizes larger than 38DD because at the $24.50 price point, a style like this plus size would be a unicorn.

Overall, I wanted to love Wonderform because on paper, it’s the perfect combination of price and design. However, as a plus customer, I can’t help but feel like it’s not made for me. In order to really cater to plus size, there has to be more attention to support details. If you’re straight size, this brand fits the bill of everyday luxury, but if you’re plus, I would recommend waiting to see if future collections offer more support and a wider size range.

When shopping for plus size bras, do you prioritize price or support?


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