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Where to Buy It: 5 Amazing Loungewear Looks in Plus Sizes


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It’s that time of year – well, at least according to the calendar and the decorations already adorning homes and stores. I live in Dallas, where it is unseasonably warm at the moment, even for Texas, but I won’t let that get in the way of my very specific November to January urge to cuddle up in my coziest loungewear all day, every day.

In addition to the seasons changing, I work from home most of the time, so comfort is key, but I enjoy the way wearing something a little special makes me feel that much more productive and pulled together. I’ll never knock the old tee and sweatpants combo, but some days just call for something a little more.

On top of all this, I’ve just been feeling the need to be more gentle with myself and sometimes, a hot shower and fresh set of PJs is about all I can manage. It’s an act of self care to allow myself to feel a touch more polished, even on the days I can’t quite make it out into the world.

Asos Curve Lounge Khaki Stripe Set

Look #1: Beetlejuice

This ASOS Curve khaki stripe top ($28) and bottom ($31) is sold separately, so you’re not obligated to wear them together, but in case you were wondering – yes, I would wear both pieces together and yes, it does remind me quite a bit of Beetlejuice. It’s a fun set and the top to bottom print feels very current. It’s available up to size US 24, but if you aren’t familiar with their sizing, many pieces at ASOS fit bodies larger than the given size range. I suspect this is one of them.

Torrid Lace Bust Babydoll Tank and Pant

Look #2: Instagram #Goals

This Torrid Lace Bust Babydoll Tank ($36.90) & Matching Pant ($34.90) look like something straight out of a perfect “work from home” Instagram post. You know the drill: perfectly arranged messy bun, laptop open, the artfully arranged pen and notebook, possibly a cup of coffee or green juice. Complete the look with this effortlessly stylish set available up to Torrid’s size 6 (US size 30).

Lane Bryant High Neck Chemise

Look #3: Party All The Time

I’m the first to admit that my overall feelings about Lane Bryant are complicated, but I generally have positive feelings about their loungewear and sleepwear. This high neck chemise ($49.95) feels a bit like a going out dress and sometimes it’s fun to pretend you’re headed out clubbing, even though you’re actually just scrambling eggs, watching midday television or answering the door for UPS. I’d pair it with this robe ($69.95) to emulate the duster-over-short-dress look that’s been super popular recently. Both pieces are available up to US size 28.

Old Navy Lace Bralette

Look #4: Crop Tops For Everyone

I am most definitely about about the crop top life, even when no one else is around. This bralette ($24.94) from Old Navy is a cute way to expose the midriff while lounging around. I’ve been wearing a lot of bralettes while I work from home because they’re supportive and comfy. I love the idea of pairing a lacy piece like this with plaid shorts ($16.94) and a hoodie ($36.94) for contrast. As a bonus, if you’ve been wanting to wear a crop top or bikini out in public, but feel nervous about it – this is an easy way to get used to the feeling of having your tummy out. It’s not a cure-all, but even getting used to the sensation of air blowing across an unclothed stomach can help take the edge off. All pieces available up to US 4X.

Ellos Floral Print Robe

Look #5: All Print Everything

First, there’s a robe ($39.90 – $44.90). Then, add the matching pants ($29.90 – $34.90) or shorts ($19.90 – $24.90). Bring it all together with this black satin cami ($19.90 – $24.90). I love this look because it will hide any of the inevitable coffee spills I’m sure to have throughout the day. Ellos is a Swedish import and one of many brands under the Full Beauty (formerly One Stop Plus) umbrella. I note this because in my experience, Full Beauty brands frequently have issues with fit, sometimes with pieces running as much as 2 to 3 sizes smaller than comparable retailers. Be sure to check your measurements against their size chart and try to ignore the interesting model selection. Pieces all available up to 5X/US 40 (albeit with a surcharge for larger sizing).

Nutcracker Pajama Set

Bonus Look: Balmain Inspired

Listen, I know that calls this set Nutcracker Pajamas, but I just see a belted Balmain jacket paired with a coordinating tapered leg pant. Finding designer inspired styles in larger sizes sometimes takes a little bit of imagination, and that’s definitely the case here. Feel free to pretend you’re having a Beyonce moment within the confines of your personal living space. Available up to 3X in women’s plus or XXL in men’s sizes.

Have I convinced you to think outside of your housedress or gym shorts and tee combo? I love both of those looks, but sometimes it feels good to feel a bit more put together, just for yourself.

What’s your favorite thing to lounge around or work from home in?



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